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With the magic line drawn in and the line off for the topside planking calculated, it's time to take on the tricky area from the magic line down to the keel rebate (UK) or rabbet (US). Watch Episode 15 of Building Evelyn: Lining off planks below magic line

Our Mission

Bristol Shipwrights' mission is to preserve and demonstrate traditional woodworking and boat building skills and techniques. More than that, we're working to develop new ways to use the latest tools and materials to help us and you build stronger, more affordable and enduring boats and construction projects of all kinds. The best way we know to do that is to video and share with you our current and future projects. Evelyn is our first project and only the beginning. But we hope you'll join us for each and every video and voyage.  

Meet Evelyn

Rethinking a cruising schooner from the 1920s 

43” o.a x 33” w.l. x 12’ beam x 6’ 5” draft

Able Offshore — Handy — Roomy

Full Keel Schooner

Ready for Delivery

Alden Design No. 270

Join Bristol Shipwrights as we document and video the challenges of building  a  43' Alden 270 schooner.  Whether you're a professional or backyard boatbuilder, a woodworker, or a dreamer, we're confident you'll learn something new about boats and woodwork from our screw ups and successes. 

See the progress we're making on Evelyn

The newest member of the crew, Melissa, checks the magic line for edge set, as Lou discusses lining off the upper section of Evelyn in  EP14.

In EP13, Lou Sauzedde and Ken Boyle are making deck beams from the scrap left over from re-sawing the strip planking.