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 The Shipwrights

Lou Sauzedde, Bristol Shipwrights

Lou Sauzedde

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Ken Boyle, Bristol Shipwrights

Ken Boyle

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Lou's an actual shipwright. A character. A wealth of information. An inventor. A teacher. A man with an opinion. An entertainer. Who'll tell you "Like ringing a bell". He's too busy thinking and doing to sleep. He's got a resume longer than your arm. But he's always ready to lend a hand and find a better way to build a classic boat, fit an adze handle, or tell a story.

Ken isn't a shipwright. He's an amateur with 30 years of experience. He never listened to the guy who said, "Don't get mixed up in boats son, they'll ruin you life." He's been fortunate to know people like Lou, who speak Latin (i.e. Quercas Alba). Who know how to fix a mistake. And who figure you win when you stay at the wheel longer.

The Crew

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The people who have donated their time and expertise to make Bristol Shipwrights possible are too numerous to name. But we'd like to mention a few hardcore supporters and over time let you get to know everyone. Thomas Walsh (videography and editing). Rocky Bazemore (editing). Ared Spendjian (design). Chelsea Chan (strategy and management). Beth and Ken Hayes. Mickey Sacoccia. Ed Copeland. Matthew Gabrilowitz. Fred and Joyce Lorensen. Melissa Conlon.  And of course, Ken's wife Vicki and daughter Cordelia.

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